We interrupt this holiday shopping season with an important announcement.

Retail is down this year.  The world economy is in a slowdown mode, a recession that is being felt in many places across the world. 

Some businesses are playing pure defense and fighting for survival.  Not all of them are making it.  Others are ” hunkered down”  and trying to ride out the storm.  A few are looking for opportunities and places to grow.  All businesses must do some sharp thinking and planning about top talent.  For those who are shedding jobs and having to let workers go, the challenge that follows is:  how do we keep/retain our top talent?  A similar question occupies those who are playing defense and riding out the storm, though perhaps with less urgency felt.  The entrepreneurs and opportunists see this as a prime time to scoop up additional talent.

It’s not easy to focus on talent strategies when the headlines get darker and steal our attention almost daily.  Those who develop a discipline and ability to keep their eye on talent are the ones who will pull through this and be farther ahead of the game when things do get better.  Business cycles show that there are better times ahead.  It takes vision now to plan for the coming growth and to put/keep the right talent in place to harvest it.

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