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Talent and hard work

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”  Vince Lombardi


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Headaches over my people

“How do I stop the headaches without firing my people?”


You own the business and so all the problems that can’t be solved by others end up in front of you.  You have someone who handles personnel matters, but that means the transactional side of HR.  The personal issues, interpersonal conflict, lack of performance, all of the soft, squishy (but really difficult) stuff comes to you.  And you wish you could make it go away without needing to fire someone.  Maybe you can… (more…)

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Capital investment

Meltdown, bailouts, recession–the last six months have provided quite a crash course in economics for us.  There has been a lot of talk about Wall Street vs. Main Street, as if you could easily separate the two.  The truth is, you can’t.  What is needed right now is a serious capital reinvestment in the economy.  I’m not talking about infusions of cash and liquidity like the Federal Reserve has been attempting.  I’m talking about an investment in human talent.  dollar-shadow-capital



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50 Classics

For those of you intently focused on developing your top talent I recommend the following resource as a guide.  It tells you where to look for inspiration, original ideas, the great thinkers.

Tom Butler-Bowdon has put together 50 Classics of Success, Self-Help, Spirituality, Psychology and now Prosperity.  That’s 250 books total… (more…)

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Let the job speak

Last week I was in a session with several executives benchmarking a job.   That term is used to describe a number of different activities or approaches, so let me give you an insiders view of what we did.  

bigboardroom_byrappaportcenterOur task was to determine what the organization needed from this job for superior performance (in our case it was the job of President of the company).  We discussed key results that the person filling the role of President was accountable for producing.  When we agreed on the five key results, our assignment next was to “let the job speak”.  (more…)

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Talent – the long view

I just got back from a trip to Mexico City and besides having a fabulous time with my wife I also learned a few things on this trip.  On our first day in the city we went to the renowned Museum of Anthropology and were dazzled by the talent that was on display. mural_cacaxtla(ía to read more, or go to the museum’s site


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