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How to give an appraisal

Groan…  Yes, we’re going to talk about performance appraisals/annual reviews.

Why do we dislike them so much?  Common reasons:

  • The process feels awkward.
  • It doesn’t yield meaningful information.
  • Bosses don’t do it well.
  • Employees experience great anxiety.
  • It seems so subjective or unfair

How can we do a better job? (more…)

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I’ve been writing in a journal occasionally over the past 20 years.  Recently I’ve started writing almost daily for the past five months.  Sometimes I write personal reflections/recollections of what happened, or how I’m thinking about the present situation, or I look to the future.

Today, I posed a challenging question to myself:  What is the most important, greatest impact, longest lasting activity or objective I could get involved with right now? (more…)

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