Talent management is a great field to work in.  You get to work with clients to solve real-world problems that greatly impact the lives of people in organizations.  It’s no fun to be in a job that sucks.  It can be painful to find yourself in a company culture that cuts right across your own personal values, even if other parts of the job are positive.  To be a leader who sees the organization losing good people consistently is frustrating, especially if you don’t know why.  These are just some aspects of the job that I find really engaging.

People often asked me why I went to China.  The challenge of working in another culture, in a country that will only grow in importance on the world stage, was very attractive.  The chance to take my family along and to have my boys learn another language and culture from the inside, to share this experience as a family was also a prime motivator.  I think I also needed some of the hardships of an overseas move, and the humbling of really learning about and from the Chinese people at close range for my own personal development.  My faith and spirituality also grew in the last several years, and some new relationships were born.  I can really say my life was changed.

Now that we are back in the United States, it is time to re-integrate my boys into the school system here in the US and to enjoy all the things about this culture that we missed.  We have moved to a new city (Houston) and now we are much closer to family.   It also gives me a chance to hone my skills and process the many rich experiences I gained.  I plan to write a book that we can hopefully publish next year.

In the end, talent management and development is personal and it starts with us.  It’s not enough to do this as just another job.  The best ambassador this field can have is someone who practices their own personal development as they help individuals, teams and organizations to grow themselves.    Like me, I hope you’ll take some time t “bring it back home” and let talent development make a difference in the places tht matter the most to you.

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